Our World Class Team

From authors to lecturers to missionaries, our world class board certified physician team is a collection of leaders and visionaries. Read more about our team here.
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Patient Testimonials

We are in the business of changing our patients lives in a profoundly positive way. From being able to eat your favorite foods to smiling in a picture. Hear more from patients themselves.
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Full Service Care

My Centers is a fully integrated oral surgical care facility. We coordinate all the different procedures and physicians under one roof. What this means for you is a more streamlined approach and a higher level of care.

5 Offices in Charlotte

With 5 offices in Charlotte, Concord and Lake Norman to serve you, MyCenters offers convenience alongside world class care. Find out more about our facilities.
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Meet Our Primary Care Team

From authors and lecturers to world-traveled missionaries, our world-class board-certified oral surgery team is a collection of visionary leaders, the team headquartered in 5 offices around Charlotte, North Carolina. Read more about our team here.

  • Dr Daniel R Cook Charlotte Oral Surgeon
    Dr. Daniel R. Cook, DDS, MD
  • Dr. Dale J Misiek DMD Charlotte Oral Surgery
    Dr. Dale J Misiek, DMD
  • Dr-Brian W Kelley DDS MD Charlotte Oral Surgeon
    Dr. Brian W. Kelley, DDS, MD
  • Bart C Farrell DDS MD - Charlotte Oral Surgeon
    Dr. Bart C. Farrell, DDS, MD
  • Dr John C Nale DMD MD Charlotte Oral Surgeons
    Dr. John C. Nale, DMD, MD
  • Dr. Brian Farrell DDS MD Charlotte Oral Surgeon
    Brian B. Farrell, DDS, MD
  • Dr Todd Crowley DDS Charlotte Oral Surgeon
    Dr. Todd E. Crowley, DDS
  • Dr Waheed Mohamed DDS MD Charlotte Oral Surgeon
    Dr. Waheed V. Mohamed, DDS, MD
  • Dr. Greg Tull DMD - Charlotte Oral Surgeon
    Dr. Gregory T. Tull, DMD
  • Dr. Erik Reitter DDS - Charlotte Oral Surgeon
    Dr. Erik Reitter, DDS
  • Dr. Richard Kapitan DDS MS - Charlotte Oral Surgeon
    Dr. Rick A. Kapitan, DDS, MS
  • Robert J Galup DDS Charlotte Oral Surgeon
    Dr. Robert J Galup Jr., DDS

What We Do

Charlotte, NC Dental Implants by Carolinas Center for Oral & Facial Surgery

The Carolinas Center for Dental Implant Surgery focuses on providing a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth.  If you have lost teeth, dental implants help you regain the ability to eat virtually anything and smile with confidence, knowing that your teeth look natural.

Charlotte Oral Surgery by Carolinas Center For Oral and Facial Surgery

From wisdom teeth removal to jaw surgery to treatment for TMJ disorders, The Carolinas Center for Oral & Facial Surgery relies on the training and talents of gifted surgeons who are also very good at putting patients at ease.  If you’re looking for the best care, plus great peace of mind, you’ve come to the right place.

Charlotte Carolinas Center For Cosmetic Surgery

Unlike plastic or reconstructive surgeons who focus on parts of the body affected by health complications or abnormalities, the Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery specializes in the art and science of making normal body structures look better, boosting self esteem and helping you feel great about the way you look.

TMJ Treatment Center by Carolinas Center For Oral and Facial Surgery

At the Carolinas Center for TMJ Therapy our goal is to improve quality of life. Our team of doctors have extensive knowledge and training in the field of facial pain. We promise to listen, educate, and introduce a tailored therapy plan with the least invasive means possible.

What Makes Us Different?

Award Winning Care

Board-certified practitioners equal world class patient care. Let us show you the best way to get dental work done.
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No More Paperwork

Modern, world-class facilities and a transition to EMR (electronic medical records) mean less paperwork and more personalized attention.

Total Provider Access

A complete surgical team under 1 roof. Our patient coordinators work with you to schedule your procedures and remain your main point of contact throughout the process.

No Hassle Appointments

Online pre-registration is the start to a new you. Quickly register online and tell us your availability. We’ll handle the rest!

Convenient Locations

Five Charlotte offices to serve you. From Ballantyne to Uptown, Lake Norman and Concord. Also, right across from UNCC in the University area.
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Latest Technology

From the latest EMR technologies and 3D X-ray imaging to medical equipment normally reserved for large hospitals, MyCenters has the tools to deliver amazing results.

News & Articles

New things are going on all the time at Carolinas Center for Oral & Facial Surgery. We invite you to check about more about current events we are hosting.

What our patients think

Tim B.

“I appreciate the efficiency of the office. I was able to do most of paper work in advance online. They sent me text messages reminding me of the appt. They were efficient in the office.”

Kathy C

“I refer patients to this practice and call them on a DAILY BASIS to request immediate appointments for our patients who have come to us in pain. They always work our patients in and provide the highest quality service.”


“I was so scared to get my wisdom teeth taken out and on the day of surgery was in tears awaiting my fate. When my surgeon, Dr. Daniel Cook came in and introduced himself, he immediately put me at ease. The whole experience has been wonderful.”

Rebecca S.

“The office and staff are great! I highly recommend! I could not imagine trusting any other office, staff and surgeons with my children!”

Tammy P.

“I had 9 TMJ surgeries before I saw him and eventually I had to have another. But they explained to me why I needed an artificial joint and custom-made one just for my head; now I haven’t had one pain in nearly 5 years!”

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